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J Rand Performed Live on Miami


Constitution Day at MMS


Constitution Day at the Miami Media School with the City of Coral Gables Attorney, Craig Leen.  Student gets to hear first about the changes and what is going on in the State of Florida.  The students enjoyed the knowledge that Mr. Craig Leen provided. Follow the City of Coral Gables on social media @coralgables  

Miami Media School Present Pesonality Jill Tracey

Guest Speaker takes over Personality Jill Tracey Hot 105. Gives the students tools how to find their sweet spot.

Ray Rice’s career and his future

Ray Rice, Janay Rice

Ray Rice’s attorney explains his side of Ray’s case.  According to Matt Kasznel “” Visual tape vs. Verbal Attorney.

The New IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 Plus


Welcoming the new IPhone to the apple family is the IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus.  Checkout the phone and its amazing features.  Good news you can pre-order online starting September 12 with your phone carrier.  Stand by for the release date in stores.