Shawn Makil

// Miami, FL



From the tender age of 13 Shawn Makil aspirations to become an artist evolved. His first true love became music. Believing there is more to a song than the sound of instruments creating a beat, more than a harmony or a catchy melody, that there was a story behind the cluster of words. Not just a story but someone’s story. Through out the years Shawn Makil has taken his love for music to greater heights with a positive attitude to learn every aspect of the music industry from creating beats, writing songs, performing, as well as promoting talent. As founder of Arttire Inc, he works hard with his other members dedicating hard hours into creating and producing high quality music. He always keeps an open mind to diversity of personalities and music genre. Taking pride in his attributes he enjoys taking part of his and any other artist looking to have their story heard. He aspires to become an artist in which he can interact with all angles of music making, to become an influential artist, where his contributions and opinions will be heard and will make a difference. With a strong head on his shoulder, his kids whom inspires him to keeping going and his true love for music Shawn Makil strives for his story to be heard.



Email bookshawnmakil@gmail.com

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