“What started as a dream became a vision, and now that vision has become a reality.” #Focused -BISHIP


BISHIP, born in Harrisonburg, Virginia on December 12th, is the CEO and founder of MOB OUT ENTERTAINMENT, He has also just recently signed with Chinaman Records. He is determined to turn heads in 2017 as he continues to strengthen his foundation that was built by him from the beginning. As a child, BISHIP always had music around him and as the years passed, he started writing songs and connecting with the Music industry.

Since becoming a registered BMI artist, his experience has grown from being an executive producer and host on Xclusivejamz Radio Show to doing classic collaborations with several Hip-Hop artists. His determination has allowed him to shake up the industry as he stayed focused on his bigger picture. When asked where you can find BISHIP’s work, he proudly smiles and says “You can Google me.” Now on Chinaman Records bigger things are on the horizon for BISHIP.

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